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New Normal Consulting

New Normal Consulting




New Normal Consulting is targeted towards helping small businesses adapt to the "new normal" of life with COVID-19. This website serves as a way to get connected with companies that are looking to modernize their business.


New Normal Consulting is currently lacking a strong brand identity and needs help in increasing user access to external links and increased legibility. 


1.   Unify the color palette.
2.   Simplify the website design.
3.   Add extra pages so that information was more clearly sectioned and accessible.
4.   Improve legibility.
5.   Redesign the infographics.
6.   Fix typos and readability of sentences.

Design Iteration / Wire-framing

Much of the original content was just moved over into the new website design in a more simplified manner. Below are the sketches that I mapped out for the new design, split between five pages:

- Homepage

- Missions

- Features

- Resources

- Contact

Prototype of New Website

New Normal Consulting, reimagined.